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More will be added when as the series progresses.

"It was his [Dan] first time being taken down with his dignity and being left for dead, bleeding through cuts all over his body and blood dripping out of his mouth. And it was far, far from his last."
~The introduction of the first book, describing Dan being beaten down by Red Star.

Daniel "Dan" Vanagus is the protagonist of Blue Star and the main character based on CarnoMS/Muhammad Shah. He is the Starnakulian chosen one is the class clown of Toms High School and is on the school's soccer team. His grandfather was shot and killed in front of him at age 2. He has loved dinosaurs since he has seen the first Jurassic Park. He's 16-years-old.


Early Life

Dan was born on July 14th, 2000 to Ben and Chloe Vanagus. At age 2, his grandfather, Elliot, was brutally murdered in front of him during a robbery, which would later forge his moral compass to help other people and prevent what happened to his grandfather from happening to other people. During his youth, he befriended Jack Pigpink and Jeremy Dragof. Sometime later in kindergarten, they meet the rest of their friends and become the Octo Squad.