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Muhammad Shah is a 15-year-old YouTuber, comedian, actor, and writer who started in the year 2014 and still continues today. He is most well known for his YouTube channel 'CarnoMS' and first built his platform for his book there. However, he started getting off track and started making music videos along with some gaming videos and comedy skits, but then stopped making them and instead decided to focus on more comedy skits and funny videos. He is currently writing a handful of books, his most prized one being the first Blue Star (Rewritten).

Blue Star Book Cover

The cover for the first Blue Star book.


The CarnoLogo, which has stayed the same for over three years. It is an obvious nod to the 'Jurassic Park' logo.

Description of Blue Star

Daniel 'Dan' Vanagus is the first superhero introduced into the Star-Verse, setting off the saga of superheroes and villains in the book series and beyond. Dan was once a normal kid, but is then hit by a literal blue star, transforming him into a human/starnakulian hybrid. From there, he starts his adventures of Blue Star with the Octo Squad and his girlfriend, Summer Clarkson, along with a couple of other allies. He eventually meets Kevin Flare, a vigilante in Federal City.

Description of Demon

Kevin Flare is the 473rd person to obtain the Devil's Pendant, being passed down from his late father to him at the age of 16. Now using the powers and abilities granted by the pendant, he becomes a murderous vigilante out for vengeance for his dead parents against Predator, a drug kingpin who hired an assassin to murder his parents. Now on the hunt for Predator, the Star-Verse takes a dark turn in comparison to Blue Star.

Demon Logo

The logo on Kevin's chest when he turns into the Demon. It is also the same pendant on his necklace, just now a tattoo.

Description of Angel

Angel plays a big role in the "Demon" book series, so TBA.

Keith Graham Concept Art

Concept art of Keith Graham created by Jordan Hays, depicting him naked with splattered blood on his face and left shoulder.

Description of Surge

Being the youngest out of all the superheroes in the Star-Verse by the time he got his powers, Adio Campbell is the electronic speedster who... well, other than that, there isn't much more about him.

Description of Sagittarius


Description of Death by Sin

Keith Graham is a psychopathic killer out for the thirst of people who, according to him, have sinned to the point of execution. There was only one thing standing in his way: Father John Buchan and his Christian ways. After John dies and Keith realizes [more or less] that he had given him a righteous conscience, he realizes that he could both satisfy his deadly needs and make the conscience of Father john proud... by systematically murdering serial killers, rapists, kidnappers, human sex traffickers, drug dealers, etc. But after successfully locating and killing the murderer of Buchan, Keith has one more huge thing to worry about: a witness to his first crime.

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